The Riverside Public Library has a host of devices and electronics that are available exclusively to Riverside card holders. Whether you need a home energy kit for a weekend or you want to use one of our Roku players to binge watch your favorite series on Netflix or Hulu, the Riverside Library is always trying to expand what we can offer our patrons. From trying the latest technology to just kicking back and having fun, make the Riverside Library your Tech to Go resource. Checkout length and procedures vary by device.
Roku Players: Access Netflix, Hulu and over 350 titles in the Library's movie collection on your own TV. 4 in collection, 1 week checkout.
Mobile HotSpots: Our newest addition is Wi-Fi Mobile HotSpots. Use it if you don't have wireless at home or take it with you on vacation, HotSpots are small, easy to use, and have unlimited bandwidth at no cost to you! 5 in collection, 1 week checkout.
Laptop Computers: Need a laptop at home or at the library? There is one circulating laptop available and  loaded with Microsoft Office 2013, Google Docs and OpenOffice. 2 in collection, 1 week checkout.
Portable DVD players: Our portable DVD players can be attached to the back of a car seat for back seat viewing or as a hand held device. Great for vacations! 5 in collection, 1 week checkout.
Home Energy Kits: Find ways to save money with the Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter and a Thermal Leak Detector. Kill-a-Watt Energy Meters will tell you how much energy your appliances are using when they are plugged in and the Thermal Leak Detectors will help you spot energy leaks in your home. See what appliances are costing you more money on your electric bill and find drafty areas in your house so you can correct the leaks. 2 in collection, 1 week checkout.
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