We have programs for all ages… from story-time to after school projects to SAT/ACT prep.
Register for any program using our online calendar.
Riverside Public Library
1 Burling Road, Riverside, IL 60546

Phone: 708-442-6366
Fax: 708-442-9462

Hours: 9-9 Monday - Thursday
            9-5 Friday & Saturday
            1-5 Sunday (Aug - May)
Types of CYS Programs and Who Can Attend

Programs that require registration:

Programs that require registration are limited to Riverside residents and District 96 families including:

  • Children and families who live in Riverside or within the District 96 boundaries AND
  • Children who are being watched by a Riverside or District 96 resident. For example, a grandparent who lives in Riverside can bring their grandchild to a story-time requiring registration.
Currently, all of our Tuesday story-times require registration. Other special programs throughout the year may require registration and will say so in the program description.

Staff may ask to confirm residency during in-person or email registration. If registration was done online, residency may be confirmed before the first session.

Drop-in programs:

We offer a variety of drop-in programs that do not require
registration. All are welcome at these programs including Friday story-times, Saturday family story-time and our Wednesday Little Hands time. Our weekend craft programs, movies, and the majority of our after-school programs are also drop-in. You do not need to live in Riverside or within the District 96 boundaries to attend drop-in programs.