Why "Dewey" need new shelves?

In April of 2015, the Riverside Friends of the Library began their multi-year fundraising campaign to purchase new shelving for the Adult Collection of the Library. This campaign will assist the Library in their space planning efforts to house the entire adult materials collection on the upper level of the building leaving the lower level for the Children and Youth Services Department. While the goal of $85,000 is a lofty one, Friends believe with ongoing fundraising events and every donation, no matter the amount, we can raise the money needed. Please continue to support our efforts by attending upcoming Fundraising events sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Also, if you would like to make additional donations, please contact the Friends through the Library. Together we can achieve our goal!
"In Recognition of a Life"

On November 1, 2008, the Riverside Friends of the Library established a program to honor residents and patrons as they celebrate special life achievements, upon retirement of service to the community or as a permanent memorial upon their death. A book will be selected to recognize the following:

Riverside library card holder and/or Friend of the Library member upon notification of their death.

Retirements from the Library Board of Trustees, library employees, Friends of the Library officers, Village of Riverside Board of Trustees, Village of Riverside management officials or Riverside Township officials.

Monumental birthdays (100 years and over).

Wedding anniversaries (50 years and over).

Businesses and Organizations celebrating significant anniversaries.

Prominent residents of Riverside moving out of town.

A bookplate will be affixed to the donated book which identifies the reason for the donation, and a letter will be sent to the appropriate person/people involved. A list of annual recognitions will be published in the Library Newsletter, as well as on our website, on the Friends of the Library page. For more information about the program or to request a "Recognition of a Life" donation, please contact the Library Director, Janice Foley, at (708)442-6366.

- Ruth Julian - President
- Simone McNeil - VP- Volunteer/Book Sale
- Sarah Nielsen - VP - Membership
- Diane Harris - Secretary
- Kimberly Keldermans - Treasurer
- Dorothy Sikora - Library Liaison
- Jen Pacourek - Board Liaison
- Janice Foley - Library Director