Riverside Public Library computers offer free access to the internet and to a variety of software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis; although advance reservations are available.

Patrons are encouraged to save files to a flash drive. Flash drives are available for purchase for $6.
Computer Access for Residents

Adult and youth resident card holders in good standing (less than $10 in fines) can use their library card to log in for an initial 30 or 60 minute session.

Card holders are allowed a total of 3 hours per day as long as computers are available.
Wireless Access

Wireless access is free throughout the Library on the RSSWiFi network. There is no password.
Non-Resident Adults

Request a guest pass at the Patron or Information Services desk for one 30 minute session. Passes can be renewed in 30 minute increments for a total use of 90 minutes per day.
Adult Computers

The workstations are located in the Library's atrium are for adult use only. Advance reservations are made at the Patron or Information Services desks. Contact Patron Services for more details regarding advance reservations.

High School Computers

High school aged patrons can use a young adult computer in the Children & Youth Services Department or borrow a laptop at the Information Services desk to use in the Library.

Youth up to age 18 & Caregiver Computers

Nine workstations are available in the Children and Youth Services Department for youth up to age 18 and caregivers attending to children.

Additionally, two iPads are available for young children.

Use and sign-up for all workstations in the Children and Youth Services area is done through their service desk.

Children without a Riverside Library card are allowed 3 hours of computer time per day as long as a machine is available.
Printing/Copying Fees

Black & White
(under 18 get first 5 B&W pages free)


There is no fee for scanning.
Printing, Copying and Scanning

Our printer/copier/scanner kiosk is located in the atrium. Our adult Internet computers print to the kiosk and can be released by logging into the printer/copier with your Library or guest pass barcode. The kiosk takes change, bills and credit card.

Printing from the catalog or word-processing computers can be picked up at the Patron Services desk. Printing from the Children and Youth Services area can be picked up at the CYS desk.

Letter and legal size white paper are provided. Patrons are not allowed to use their own paper. Double-sided copies are not allowed.
Not on our computers?

Remote printing is available through our website. You will have up to two hours to release your print job from the print/copy kiosk.

If you are using a handheld device, download the free PrinterOn Mobile app .
Other Computers

Online Catalog:

Three Online Catalog (OPAC) computers are located throughout the Library. Two directly connect to the Library's online databases. Patrons are restricted to only specific internet sites on those computers.

Word Processing:

The Library currently has one computer that is a dedicated word processing workstation. This is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You do not need a Riverside card to use this computer and it cannot be reserved. Time is limited to 60 minutes if another patron is waiting to use the workstation.

Other Technology:

Fax Machine -
Patron Services staff will be happy to assist you with your faxing requests. The cost for an outgoing fax is $1.00 dollar for the first page and 50¢ for each page thereafter. Incoming faxes are only 50¢ per page. We do not send faxes the last hour that the Library is open.

Microfilm Reader/Printer
This machine can read either microfilm or microfiche. Copies are available for 10¢ a page.

The Library has two flatbed scanners attached to two of the adult internet computers. Instructions are attached to the scanners. If you need to scan a document and are making a reservation to use an internet workstation, please let a staff member know at the time you are making a reservation. Also, our printer/copier/scanner kiosk is able to save documents to a USB drive, and is networked to send documents via email.

*Please note that the Library is not responsible for any damages, including the corruption or loss of data, resulting from user error, computer error, equipment malfunction or service interruptions. All users of computers or wireless access must abide by the Library's Internet Rules and Procedures. Please contact the Patron Services desk with questions at patronservices@riversidelibrary.org
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