Archived Board Minutes
(*Meeting not held)
Mission:        To provide quality library service to all patrons.

The Riverside Public Library:

- Provides informational, educational and recreational opportunities to the community with its collection, programming and technology. 

- Emphasizes creating a welcoming environment to encourage patrons of all ages to develop and continue an interest in reading and learning. 

- Values its historic landmark significance, and its' building's unique architectural atmosphere.
Board of Trustees:

Library Director - Janice F. Foley


Joan Wiaduck - President

Susan Kucera - Vice President

Michael Flight - Treasurer

Jen Pacourek - Secretary

Ken Circo - Trustee

Edward Lyons - Trustee

Patrick White - Trustee
       Michael Flight

Building & Grounds
       Ken Circo & Edward Lyons

Policy & Bylaws
       Susan Kucera & Patrick White

       Susan Kucera

Library Advocacy
       Jen Pacourek
Information Services Dept.
          Marilyn Oorbeck

Circulation & Computer Services Manager
          Sharon Shroyer

Youth Services Manager
          Anne Huston

Monthly Statistics
          Jackie Aumann
In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, the Library does maintain a list of all employees whose total compensation package is greater than $75,000 per year. This list is available for inspection in the Administrative Offices of the Library, Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Click to view our policies.